JPROG-Kilometers to Miles Conversion Hardware and Software Package 

We are happy to announce a simple yet efficient method of converting a vehicles unit of measure and country code.
In todays market, many vehicles are being converted to miles from kilometers. This is a time consuming process. But with the new K2M Hardware and software package we offer, conversion time is cut in half.As a result, you increase productivity and increase profit in less time.


In years past converting was performed by removing the instrument cluster, finding the country code, changing it and then calculating and setting the miles to the correct amount. This method could take hours depending on the vehicle. With our method of converting the instrument cluster you are finished in a matter of minutes...not hours.You simply remove the cluster and attach to it, run the software. The country code and the mileage are converted for you with the simple push of a button.


The Jprog interface and adapters that are included in your package are as follows:

EE/ISP Adapter
AD912 Adapter
Universal 1 Adapter
Soic 8 clip
Dip-8 clip
Ford BDM
Nissan Pogo
External Power Adapter


 We will provide The Jprog interface, software and connections diagram.

  •  End user will provide any additional adapters for cluster that are not included.
  •  Technician must have minimum level of electronics knowledge + basic PC knowledge.
  •  End user must maintain 1 year prepayment and will receive all updates free for that period. Please contact for details.
  •  End user agrees to prepay 100 vehicles per month at a rate of $20 USD per vehicle. For a total of $24,000 USD prepayment.
  • Any additional vehicles will be billed at a rate of $20 USD per. 


Please Contact us for a list of vehicles covered for this unit.



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