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More than just a reseller

Our goal is to provide you, the end user with the tools and advice you require to complete the job at hand.
We have been selling and assisting with the development of the Jprog for well over a decade.

That puts us in a unique position. We not only know how the programmer works but we also know how to use it.


There are plenty of companies out there selling this type of programmer. Simply put, most are only resellers and have no idea how the machines they sell operate.


What we offer is Excellent service before and after you have purchased a programmer from us. We have normal business hours but will extend them to meet the needs of our customers.

We offer live support via phone as well as email support.

For an additional fee we also provide onsite training.



We strive to offer the best service possible.

When we began programming instrument clusters over 20 years ago,  we had a very bad experience with the company we bought our equipment from. They promised support after the purchase...what we got was no support at all. This frustrated and inspired us. We decided then to learn all that we could and to provide the support that others couldn't or wouldn't. Many years later we are still learning and still providing support, this is a never ending process and one we are glad to be a part of.



Fort Worth, TX 76112


Phone: 469-230-5844

Phone: 682-438-3255




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