Instrument Cluster Repairs

Kilometers to Miles Conversion  Service


 Now offering a Mail in Kilometers to Miles conversion service. 

 Cost covers parts and labor. 

$195.00 plus shipping


Speedometer Conversion Gauge Faces


Speedometer Conversion is what we do! AAA Digispeed is your source for gauge faces. If you're importing a vehicle from Canada, you'll need to change or convert the instrument cluster to read in the proper scale KPH to MPH. If you go to a dealer, you can expect to pay $500 or more..

AAA Digispeed uses your existing Instrument cluster and can save you hundreds of dollars on each conversion. 

Call Bill (469-230-5844) or Michelle (682-438-3255) for more information on this process.

From KPH
to MPH

We have been in the instrument cluster repair service for over 20 yrs. With our contacts in the industry we can source parts for most units.This makes it possible for us to repair the majority of the instrument clusters on the market.Our services are not limited to a few makes and models with only simple problems. We can repair a BMW as well as GM. Have a instrument cluster with a problem, give us a call. 

Some services we offer: 

  • Fading/distortions repair on MB

  • Pixel repair on BMW

  • Pixel repair on VW/AUDI

  • Repair of all Domestic instrument cluster problems

  • Lexus navigation repair

  • Odometer calibration on new or replacement instrument clusters​​​​​

Mail in service for repairs available.


Please contact us with any questions about your instrument cluster problems





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Phone: 469-230-5844

Phone: 682-438-3255



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